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Today’s gift guide is a fun one! Growing up my Mother’s side of the family always held an annual gift exchange; Once married, both Patrick and I were able to partake in the festivities and boy did it get heated when those hot ticket gifts were bargained. A fun and competitive game to be had each year! For those attending a few parties with an exchange on schedule, I’ve got your gift covered! Today’s guide shares 20 white elephant gifts (all under $30) that will actually be fought for! And for the humorous, I also found 16 gag gift ideas ($25 and under) as well. All render a laugh and some even useful! Happy shopping!

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1. Wine aerator & wine saver pump ($17) // Perfect for any wine lover!
2. Cordless electric wine bottle opener  ($18) // I know, another wine lovers gift .. but majority of those participating are sure to find this steal worthy!
3. Cozy socks ($12)
4. Cocktail Kit ($19) // complete with syrup, coaster & spoon recipient will be set for cocktails at 30,000 feet!
5. Capri Blue Iridescent jar candle ($30) // receiving an Anthro candle at a Yankie swap? Gold.
6. YETI rambler ($25) // the best insulated mug!
7. Echo Dot ($22) // You may be thinking, an echo dot? But yes – the most sought out gift & surprisingly affordable!
8. SipCaddy ($14) // Wine in the shower? Yes plz.
9. Desk fan ($13)
10. Portable Charger external battery ($21) // I am always trying to find an outlet to charge my phone – problem solved!
11. Desk calendar ($10)
12. Starbucks gift card ($10+) // Ya’ll know this is always well received!
13. Hanging planter vases ($13) // I just love the look of these! A modern touch to any indoor living space!
14. Portable grill machine ($15) // Grilled sandwiches on the go? Why not?!
15. Merlot infused coffee ($20) // wine and coffee in one – a gourmet treat!
16. Texting gloves ($20)
17. Lottery tickets ($1+)
18. ‘What do you Meme’ game ($30) // This looks like so much fun!
19. Silicone straws set ($9) // adhere to environment protection! Gift these portable and functional silicone straws
20. ‘Cards against Humanity’ game ($25) // I haven’t ever personally played this, tho it seems like one that would create much conversation!

White elephant Holiday gag gift ideas

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1. Nail polish holder ($10) // I find this unnecessary, tho would be keen to using it! Offered in over 20 colors!
2. Screaming goat ($7) // Know someone who spends mindless hours watching screaming goat videos? Now they have their own for amusement!
3. Christmas vacation glass moose mug ($20) // maybe even add a carton of egg nog!
4. ‘I adulted’ stickers ($9) // despite what one may think, adults need positive rewards of achievement, too!
5. Super Jumbo playing cards ($12) // Cause who doesn’t need these?
6. The World’s Greatest Book of Useless Information ($10)
7. Donut Hole mug ($15) // Anything to make your breakfast more convenient!
8. Wacky Wavy Mini tube guy ($13) // Your fave car dealership decoration, now in a mini size that fits right on your desk!
9. Bob Ross Chia Pet ($16)
10. Leg Lamp night light $10) // We actually have a mini lamp version – a fun gift for anyone loving a Christmas classic.
11. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream lock ($25) // Am sure this would work on any pint sized ice cream! Am sure I’d find it useful on my fave ‘Phish food’
12. Scalp massager ($6)
13. Dog butt magnets ($10)
14. Beard beanie ($8) // Must keep warm in those extreme cool temp drops!
15. Did you feed the dog? ($10) // I am always forgetting – a gift oddly useful!
16. Holiday beard lights ($10) // I find this hilarious!

 Hopefully your gift will be the talk of the party this year!
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