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October IG Round up
Happy Tuesday! So I know that my Instagram round ups are typically posted on Fridays, but with my desire to share a long overdue Friday five last week, I am sharing our recap (and reminisce) today!

I’ll ask, does anyone ever struggle reminiscing? (I promise, I did not intend to make this write so emotional, it’s just our bi-weekly Instagram round up for goodness sake.. but ya’ll know I am quite the deep thinker, so bare with me) My mind really does go to the depths from the start, doesn’t it?

A recap, round up, reminisce – whatever you may call it, I usually favor the write. Even sitting down to write our Ig round up tonight, I thought I could just whip up a few short sentences on the weather, my growing Fall wishlist, how I am planning the gift guide prep, and segway it into the linked photos.

But alas, we are here and I’ve taken the word ‘reminisce’ a bit deeper. For me, the review of past events, analyzing what I’ve been doing the past week, month, or year to get me to where I am today is a struggle. Not necessarily the recap of ‘what I had for breakfast’, reliving what I consider my ‘best Summer vacay’, or in our case ‘sharing Instagram lately’. I am talking the nitty gritties, the stories that made you question character, or even you’re worth. Is it because there’s pain associated with those experiences? Not always. Has the constant reminder to live in the present, forced the idea of carrying my “past” self, negative? I am not sure.

I’ll be honest – there’s been a lot of self discovery by write on the Sarah Stories recently. In the past two months I’ve dove deep into past experiences and I’ve examined reason behind life’s choices. I’ve overcome a lot of fear in posting content I knew needed a voice. I’ve reminisced on stories shared. I’ve contemplated the removal of some, and I’ve considered reposting others. From a blogger’s perspective, I’ve broken down stats, evaluated my mission, and have re-focused branding.  It’s been a whirlwind of reminisce.

All said, it’s understood why I shy away from it. It’s often hard. Story telling is hard. Especially if it’s your own. It forces me to uncover emotions I didn’t know were there. I’ve mentioned in Ig stories how easy it can be for me to write on fashion and style, but those emotional posts – they take a lot out of me. Even this quick intro has turned into something far more deep than planned. But that’s okay – it’s shown me a little more about myself and who I am. And despite the struggle I endure to reminisce and write the lifestyle relatable content, it’s worth it if I come out knowing more about myself than I did at start. More so if it encourages you to look past the surface and do the same.

My reminisce may look different than others – I may question each post shared or relive the insecurity felt in taking a certain photo. I may laugh at the ‘remember whens’ and confirm those valuable lessons. But despite the struggle or joy I personally face, there is value in the reminisce. And there’s value in yours as well. Wether it be on the deepest of levels (revisiting feelings once dismissed) or a nostalgic recap of seasonal events – the stories we tell about our lives are the important sources of self-identity. [efn_note][/efn_note]They enable us to explore and relate our past to the present. That alone outweighs any hesitation. It also gives reason to continue my story write and these Ig round ups – how easy or deep they end up being.

I cannot guarantee November’s Ig round ups will be easy and quick  – but know there’s thought and heart behind each and every post shared here.  Thank you for allowing me the reminisce every other week via Ig round ups (even if they are just sharing those pretty outfits we all love). and for understanding my lengthy write on stores told is part of what makes me, Me.

Ya still there? If I lost ya along the way, not to worry – Instagram‘s latest is up next. (Note – expect our Ig round ups to stay on Tuesdays thru November. I plan on implementing our gift guide series next month – with the Holidays just around the bend, my hope is to be your source for gifting ideas – stay tuned!)

Per usual, links and sizing are included below each image for an easy and convenient shop!

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There you have it – a thourough reminisce of all that’s been shared the past two weeks! Thanks for stopping by!