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Happy Wednesday and happy Spring! What are your thoughts on the season? Do you love it? Next to Fall, it’s become one of my favorite seasons. The colors, the prints, the anticipation and excitement it brings for warmer days – all of it. But unlike other seasons where you can predict temps and plan your wear easily, Spring lies on middle ground. One day it can be cool and breezy, and the other a little toasty. While the inconsistency may bother some, I’ve found it feeds my addiction to layering and outerwear quite nicely!

Today’s save vs. splurge post outlines Spring outerwear! The likelihood we are reaching for a few of these on any given Spring day is high. I’ve shared and styled three alternative Spring jackets below. I linked up the latter price point option on all three, with sizing details for those I am wearing below! Happy layering!

Star utility jacket // The utility jacket is one of my all time favorite jackets, for many reasons. It’s lightweight, it’s offered in one of my favorite colors, and it’s highly versatile. This star completer is full of style and so much fun!  It is just what my wardrobe needed this season. In truth, I’ve had my eye on the more spendy option for quite sometime. Target must have taken note and released this nearly identical option and it’s been on repeat ever since – even made it into this season’s capsule! (actually all three of the jackets shown today made the capsule cut .. more on that soon!)

save (wearing xs) | splurge

tan leather jacket // This style of jacket is one I’ve always categorized as an investment. Tho the price is steep, I was willing to spend a little more from the get go. I’ll tell you, I looked at this tan leather jacket for a very long time. For almost a year it sat on my closet bucket list. Dreaming of all the outfits I could curate, I soon recognized how much value this piece adds to closet. I bit the bullet and I am so happy to now have this gem an option in my Spring outerwear line up! This burnt sienna color will add a gorgeous hue to my closet this season – get ready to see a year’s worth of envisioned leather jacket looks come to life!

save | splurge (wearing xs)

drape trench // I am not going to lie, finding the perfect trench coat for my short frame hasn’t been as easy as I’d hoped. While we’ve many options, at various price points – I am very particular on the length, and way it hangs. I want it to be a coat I feel comfortable in, not swimming in. I believe I’ve found gold in this Everlane drape trench! Love the color, love the fabric, and love the length. In my search for the best – I also bought this tie sleeved option .. and in truth, I cannot decide between the two. Which do you think I should stick with? Princess Polly or Everlane?

splurge (wearing xs)
save (wearing 2) or save

There you have it – outfitted and optional Spring outerwear! Do you have a favorite you’ll be wearing this season? Until next month – thanks for stopping by!