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Happy Wednesday, babes! With the season’s change, it’s natural to desire a closet refresh. I’ve touched on several closet basics in last week’s Spring capsule wardrobe, and thought to topic 5 of them today – you’ll have options to save vs. splurge this season! I often will save on several just to splurge on my favorites, anyone else? Let’s get to it!

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ONE | white tee | I know this is a very simple piece, but it truly is essential year round. Having a crisp white tee to wear alone with a contrasting accessory or under jackets and cardigans is a must. I prefer a v-neck or scoop neck, tho there are others you may have preference in. The option to splurge on a designer brand or save is always available.

V- neck save | V- neck splurge
scoop neck save  | crew neck splurge

TWO | white jeans | This is the pant of the season. You’ll see this essential paired with florals, stripes, pastels, neutrals and brights. I like to think of this staple as Spring’s wingman. It’s always on hand, to help showcase the colors and prints of the season. This season it was a bit tricky finding a good pair I felt comfortable in, and one with absolutely no visual see thru. In this season’s capsule, I shared this affordable pair, as they check off all reqs.

white denim save | white denim splurge

THREE | Cropped denim | This essential can easily coincide with the white denim mentioned above. Grab a cropped distressed pair such as this, and have ability to wear them with sandals and open toed booties. Many other options are currently on trend and prove a great transition piece into Summer. I’ve shared a few fit and style options below.

skinny crop save | skinny crop splurge
slim crop save | slim crop splurge
wide leg crop save | wide leg crop splurge
white crop save | white crop splurge

FOUR | lightweight jacket | It’s understood that there are several in this category to choose from. I included both the denim and utility in the Spring capsule, tho I’ll add an optional trench coat to the mix. Depending on where you live, you can choose what you feel most valuable and functional.

denim save | denim splurge
utility save | utility splurge
trench save | trench splurge

FIVE | sandal | Oh man, if I could choose one essential I am indecisive on, it’s shoes – and Spring shoes? There’s a plethora of options. Depending on where you live, the thought of sandals may be in hindsight right about now. Tho accessorizing my Spring ensemble with a sandal, wedge, heel or even an open toed bootie is something I look forward to each Spring, no matter the temp!

flatform espadrille save | flatform espadrille splurge
platform wedge save | platform wedge splurge
medallion flat save | medallion flat splurge
neutral heel save | neutral heel splurge
peep toe bootie save | peep toe bootie splurge

Of the five closet essentials listed, which are you more apt to save or splurge on? I’d love to know! As always, thanks for stopping by!!