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Fall is officially here! It’s time to pull out those sweaters, booties, and fashionable coats! ..but wait, there’s entirely too much pile up from last year. Your decade old denim no longer fits, and you simply have no idea how to minimize, let alone piece together looks for the season! Cue the capsule wardrobe build!

I’ve created my 2019 Fall Capsule wardrobe capsule and bonus PDF ‘How to get started guide’ to help! I’ve pieced together 47 items, and outfitted 24 looks using those chosen. My guide defines this fashion term, answers questions and outlines the steps needed to make a successful wardrobe capsule each season! My hope in sharing my capsule and guide is that you’ll see the benefits of a minimal wardrobe, the versatility in each chosen piece, and ease any doubt in the ability to create your own!

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See a few IRL outfits put together using the wardrobe capsule items!

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Thank you so much for stopping by! May The Sarah stories be your source of encouragement each week to embrace your own, define your style and feel beautiful being your true selves!