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Happy Tuesday! Why is it that every recap intro always begins with ” I cannot believe how fast this month has gone” ..? But really, we are already into the third week of November! Our next Instagram recap will fall well past Thanksgiving; We’ll be up to our knees (if not already) in Christmas decor, Holiday music on justifiable repeat and we’ll slowly be marking off gifts on list one by one. Why must it all go by so fast? Much like every year, I wish time would just stand still for a season (or two). I could embrace it in all it’s glory, and relish in the joys of November, rather than meshing the ‘Holiday’s and seasons in one. Despite my plea for standstill, I must face reality and with gratitude, enjoy all the happiness this month has brought. I’ve successfully shared/revamped 7 gift guides, self taught and created my first IGTV video, and confidently reached out to brands I once dismissed out of fear. Both Jonah and Ellie are excelling in school – exceeding grade standards and making us as parents beyond proud.  I celebrated 16 years of marriage to my one and only.  His love and support is deeply grounding.  Life is good – I can look forward with a grateful heart into December. How about you? Even if it went quickly, what ‘happy’ did you experience this month?

All said, let’s recap the latest on Instagram, shall we? As in all round ups, links and sizing are included below each image for an easy and convenient shop!

November's happy | IG Round Up, Vol. 2tee (SP) | denim (TTS) | fringe wrap | booties (TTS) vest (XS) | tee (XS) | denim (TTS) | booties (TTS)

sweater (XS) | plaid flannel (XS) | cardigan (XS) | sherpa vest (XS) | fair aisle sweater (XS) | denim (TTS) | booties (TTS)

turtleneck sweater (XS) | denim (TTS) | booties (TTS) | camo tee (XS) | vest (XS) | joggers (TTS) | sneakers (TTS) | puffer jacket (XS) | layering tee (XS) | denim (TTS)

twill dress (XS) | sherpa vest (XS) | blue plaid tunic (XS) | scarf | booties (TTS)November's happy | IG Round Up, Vol. 2leopard cardi (XS) | cami (XS) | Mom jeans (TTS) | booties (TTS)
navy blazer (2P) | bodysuit (S) | denim (TTS) | booties (TTS)
November's happy | IG Round Up, Vol. 2cape | graphic tee (S) | denim (TTS) | booties (TTS)
November's happy | IG Round Up, Vol. 2coatigan (XXSP) | turtleneck (XS) | skirt (0) | pumps (TTS)sweater (XS) | pants (TTS) | scarf

poncho (XS/S) | leggings (XS) | sweater (XS) | cowl neck tunic (SP) | skirt (XXSP) | mixed media sweater (XS) | booties (TTS)

cowl neck tunic sweater (XSP) | vest (XS) | leggings (XS) | sweater dress (XSP) | pom sweater (XS) | pants (TTS)
plaid blouse (XSP) | cargo leggings (TTS) | booties (TTS)sweater (XS) | denim (TTS) | booties (TTS)
plaid flannel (XS) | vest (XS) | leggings (S)
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November's happy | IG Round Up, Vol. 2dress (XS) | scarf | belt | booties (TTS)

Ellie activewear second skin November box | sneakers (TTS)

There you have it! We are all caught up for November! Wishing all of you a very happy Thanksgiving!
Thanks for stopping by!