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Happy Tuesday, ladies! If you’ve been following me in stories, you know fitness is part of my everyday. I work out most mornings – catch my workout way of run here – and go about my days feeling prepped and energized. I’ll stop right here and confess –  I can shop ALL day for fashionable new pieces. I’ll brainstorm ways to style, create a huge mess in my office whilst in the zone, and shriek with excitement once all complete. But shopping for active and athleisure wear? Replacing the 15 year old dingy sports bra that my husband won’t even touch clean, isn’t something I willingly do. Not entirely sure why; working out is routinely on schedule. Pretty sure I am not emotionally attached; all I do is sweat in them. Thinking further, my mindset may be to blame  – “This clothing is going to get sweaty anyway. Why purchase new pieces just to get them dirty?”

If I am being really honest – I’ll routinely workout, shower, then cozy on up in sweats (sometimes back into my pajamas). I tend to lounge around in my cozies until it’s time to go grab the kids from school. I know it’s not ideal, and I do really enjoy feeling put together once I actually decide my attire for the day, but reality is – I choose comfort over chic most days.

In the category’s defense, new clothing – no matter the style or class – always makes us feel good, doesn’t it? I truly think putting on a brand new top, or sporting my newest pair of denim boosts a little confidence and ultimately makes me ‘perform’ better that day. So why should activewear be any different? Mainly speaking to myself here – You wouldn’t (or at least I hope you wouldn’t) sport a smelly top that’s withering on it’s last days out to coffee with the girls, would you? And aren’t workouts better when you have cute new leggings or a mesh wicking top to get you thru the burn? You buy new clothes to replace the old, wear them appropriately, and feel good while doing so.

Determined to kick my mindset (and sports bra) in the trash, I’ve decided to make an effort to replace my old everyday athlesiure with new everyday athelisure. My search for closet staple style won’t change – don’t you worry. More so, I’ve just given myself the green light to explore casual style more frequently. All said – today’s post shares my search and finalizes my athleisure wear reboot top picks!

Before I share items in detail, I do have to chat a little about this sweatshirt and these soft leggings. Both pieces are Aerie, and both have been on repeat! This sweatshirt is made for leggings, holds an oversized fit and is beyond comfortable. These leggings – super soft, hold the perfect amount of stretch and are available in 4 different colors. The material is slightly thin, tho I feel if they were any more thick, I’d categorize them as workout leggings and opt to only wear them to sweat in. Yes, my search for activewear does include leggings specific to compression, moisture wicking, and performance.  But I also, as stated above, am looking for leggings to lounge around in, with equal option to casually wear out.

The past three Sunday’s I’ve shared athleisure wear in IG stories. I’ve concentrated on pieces from Old Navy, Fabletics, Aerie, and Target. Below I’ve linked my favorites kept, and have shared thoughts and sizing details in description! You can catch the Old Navy, Fabletics, and Aerie try ons here and my most recent athleisure Target try on here! I’ve also made an Athleisure page on the blog to refer back to if you’re ever in need of an athleisure wear reboot!

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