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Happy Tuesday, friends! I am so excited to share our first Instagram round up for 2020! Last week I polled and asked a whole slew of questions in stories to help narrow down content specifics for this quarter. Instagram round ups came second to style sessions, and in truth – made me so happy! I absolutely love rounding up my outfits – not only does it bring an awareness to my style, but it aids in the development of your own! (+ it’s a convenient one stop shop).

One thing I’ve noticed in recent squares are those ‘repeater’ pieces – a cropped pant styled with a blazer one week and a poncho the next. And we all have seen the faux leather leggings and wedge sneakers pop up on feed a time or ten. I won’t lie and say I fear a repeated share. And I do often question if the style and looks I am sharing with ya’ll are diverse enough. But sharing different pieces in every frame is impractical, and in no way a reflection of my ‘everyday’ style. So, I’ll continue my quest to share more outfit inspiration – even if those repeaters remain. Plus – halting the share on versatility would be silly .. ya’ll know that’s my jam and responses say yours too!

So, without further ado, I’ve outlined below Instagram‘s latest for January. As in all round ups,¬†links and sizing are included below each image for an easy and convenient shop!

Fabletics leggings (XS) | sherpa jacket (XS) | sneakers (TTS)

grid coat (XS) | turtleneck sweater (XS) | leggings (S) | boots (TTS)

jacket (S) | sweater (XS) | leggings (2) | booties (TTS)

Fabletics sherpa (XS) | camo leggings (XS)

sweater blazer (XS) | tissue turtleneck tee (XS) | pants (0) | booties (TTS)

chambray top (2) | tulle skirt (XS) | booties (TTS)

Native deodorant (use ‘thesarahstoriesblog20’ for 20% off your purchase)

poncho turtleneck (SP) | pant (0) | booties (TTS)

turtleneck sweater (XS) | denim (24) | snakeskin booties (TTS)
sweater blazer (XS) | tunic sweater (XSP) | snakeskin booties (TTS)

As always, thanks for stopping by for our first January Instagram round up!