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Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a Friday Five. In light of our current situation and this pandemic, I’ve been brainstorming ways to continue my share. I want the content shared to be mindful of our situation, respectful of how we are choosing to handle it whilst home, and of course helpful. It being Friday, I thought to resort to a favorite post format and simultaneously entertain my habit of list making!

Before I get into the bulk of my post here, you may be questioning why I haven’t addressed the current topic or even my reason for ‘going on as normal’. I am not dismissing the obvious, by any means. Our everyday may seem a bit off. Justifiably, because it IS. Fear and worry is all around us. The spread of the Coronavirus is on everyone’s mind. And tho awareness is important, guidelines of social distancing highly encouraged, and uncertainty prominent in thought, The Sarah Stories space (on theblog, and social media platforms) is always meant to uplift. So other than urging you to take safety measures and repeating all that’s heard elsewhere, my plan is to continue sharing sales, try ons and me. My photos and videos are bound to differ, and I’ve found my days more structured as we adapt to homeschool. Nonetheless, I will continue as best as I can, with the resources I have.

I understand the continuance of sharing sales, or linking items in cart may come off as being insensitive. Trust me, Patrick and I definitely have had those hard conversations. We too are aware of the impact COVID has made and will make on our economy. We’ve discussed and are taking necessary steps to ensure our financial security. I respect the decision (and encourage it) to watch your spending during this time.

If I am being honest – continuing the share of sales and style sessions is my coping mechanism. I may be forced to adapt a new normal, but that doesn’t mean I should rid myself the joy of the share. It makes me happy and surfaces creativity in a time where I can easily be brought down by negativity and fear. I’ve also heard from several of you a desire to see normal content – a distraction from the News stream, if you will.
So if not for my sanity, I am maintaining a sense of normalcy here, for you.

More so – I want you to know this will end. I quote (one of the thousand I’ve saved on my phone recently) hope in written form, “This I know. Every game will sell out, every restaurant will have a 2 hour was, every kid will be glad to be back in school, everyone will love their job, the stock market will skyrocket, every other house will get TP’d and we’ll all embrace and shake hands. That’s gonna be a pretty good day, my friends. Hang in there, World.”

Lastly, I know everyone is handling it differently. It’s okay to feel unsure and you are allowed to take your time adjusting. There is no right way to deal. And whichever way you’re choosing – whether you’ve cut spending, are stress shopping, binge watching, or strategically organizing – Know your best is more than enough.

With a universal stay at home order, the everyday outfit has definitely shifted a bit. Having working from home prior to the quarantine, my day to day attire hasn’t changed too much. Other than the few skirts and dresses starting to collect dust, my closet queue is still in service. Now for those forced to work from home, I can’t deny the comfort of living in sweats. It’s glorious, but can definitely be habit forming. I opt for loungewear more than I’d like to admit. Tho we must be mindful, this change has brought some good – We can now all reap the benefits of a lax dress code!

That said, I still have made it a priority to get ready for the day. I’ve found I’ve a more positive mindset and am more productive when I take that time for myself in the morning. Obviously comfort is important for those reasons alone. But comfort and style, can still go together – even if we’ve no place to go. Today’s Friday five (turned ten) shares 10 everyday at-home outfits. I’ve pieced together these looks from items in both my Fall capsule and Spring capsule wardrobes. While I enjoy shopping for all the comforts, I wanted to feature the pull from my own closet rather than promote the purchase of new. I have included links for those looking to shop below each image. Hopefully this inspiration will help keep things feeling somewhat normal and less like we are quarantined in our homes.

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