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It’s that time of year when you witness the seasonal switch. Shorter sleeves, lightweight jackets, and sandals come into play. These staple items collected dust in your closet while snow and cooler temps temporarily took over.  You’ve now pulled out the essentials, ready for fun and sun! A new season tho, especially with Spring’s arrival, plants a desire for change. Excitement builds as we see all that’s new on set, shelves and retailer’s display. And what girl, really, doesn’t long for a little closet refresh?

I hate to break it to ya – tho I am sure we’ve all seen a glimpse – what is due to arrive this Spring, many we’ve seen before. You may be digging a little deeper, and farther back in that closet pullout than planned. I am no expert, but it seems like trends occur in cycle. Every 15-20 years you notice a come back of accessories, styles, and fabric choice. What once was popular in the early 2000s, you are sure to see arrive this Spring. Along with tie-dye, acid washed denim, and statement sneakers.

Unlike those mentioned this past Fall, I’ll be blatantly honest and say I am not entirely too sure (or on board) with the seasonal trends I’ve seen for Spring. Biker shorts and neon colors just aren’t my thing. For the purpose of today’s post, I’ll share five Spring trends I am willing to try (or am already loving). I’ve also linked below each trend some clickable options if the fashion preference fits your style! So, let’s get to it!

Cropped everything || I am talking head to toe. Sweaters, cardigans, sweatshirts, pants, and denim. And not all cropped hems are clean. Chewed and distressed hems have risen in popularity as well.

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Utility Styles || I’ve seen these styles everywhere. From jumpsuits, to skirts, jackets and pants. I personally love this trend and am planning to incorporate some pieces into my closet soon!

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Animal Print || Ya’ll know my obsession with leopard. Flats, mules, sneakers, skirts, cardigans, sweaters .. leopard is becoming a neutral in today’s fashion. I am excited for this category as a whole, incorporating snake and zebra print into the mix!

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Tortoise Shell jewelry & accessories || Scroll through your IG feed, and you’re bound to see someone styling a pair of resin earrings. These acrylic hoops alone, are widely popular.  I’ve seen this ’60s style play a more prominent role in current collections and accessory line ups. Another trend I’ve repeatedly said yes to, with several items still on wishlist!

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Denim Redone || There’s no denying denim is a closet essential. This season, it’s being thought of way beyond the norm. A reinvention, if you will. Matching separates, acid-wash jumpsuits, and deconstructed skirts are hitting the shelves. I love denim, and like to think I have an open mind to new styles – but this may be a little too much out of the box for me. You?

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A few others I’ve gathered worth the share – fringe, crochet, ruffles, bows, fishnets, polka dots, butter yellows, lavender, neons, biker shorts, pinafore, fancy flats, tailored short suiting, black and white checks, color blocking, graphic tees – anyone’s eyes as wide as mine are?

Now all that’s listed, which trends are you on board with for Spring? Or did you set the standard moons ago and are excited to pull out those old favorites? I’ll tell ya one thing, my dated denim jacket from high school just might earn this Momma some cool points – if that’s the case, pull down the attic ladder, stat! Regardless of your trend preference, remember it’s important to stick to your style. The best trend to follow is always an authentic one.