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Want to read these books in any order? Go ahead! They’re interconnected, but “standalone in series.”

The Sirensong Falls Series

All The Way Home

He’s retired after the bull ride that nearly killed him. She’s the ride-or-die rodeo queen he never forgot. 

Jenna’s come a long way from her days as a desperate teenage runaway, working in barns and chasing after cowboys. Nearly twenty years on, and she’s found a place to belong in Sirensong Falls, running a successful mountaintop café not far from her cozy little clapboard cottage. Life is good. Peaceful. Until Wade Deckers, “the most reckless man in rodeo,” crashes back into her life. 

Wade can’t believe his luck. All those years of searching for Jenna, and he’s found her living next door to the farm he’d never expected to inherit. But she’s not the wild, adventurous woman he remembers. She’s wary, and still wounded by the way their fiery love affair had ended. He wants to make it right. 

The sizzling heat between them still has the power to melt her icy resolve. But soon, shocking secrets from his reckless past—and hers—threaten to change their lives forever. Can they reach for their second chance at love, forgiveness, and family in these Carolina hills? Or will their hearts never be all the way home? 

  • Second Chance Romance 
  • Slow Burn that turns to high heat 
  • Found family/redemption 
  • New beginnings in a small town

The Beauty of Us

They say she’s the beauty who fell for the beast. But Lexi sees things far differently… 

Lexi knows what it means to keep up appearances. Between the pressures of her high-achieving family, and her job in a plastic surgeon’s spa, her life is all about maintaining that perfect mask. 

Lexi’s often rebelled against her family’s ambitious plans for her. And now that her father and stepmother have passed, years too soon, she’s tempted to defy the family’s wishes, one last time. Because she’s stumbled upon her stepmother’s dark secret—a baby boy named Jake, born with medical needs, given up for adoption more than 30 years ago. How can she explain to her stepsister that she might have a half-brother she’s never met? 

Feeling the need to vet him first, Lexi finds Jake Cooley in the tiny mountain town of Sirensong Falls, running the local bar that bears his name. She’s blown away by him and his off-beat looks. This quirky, sexy, selfless man is nothing she expected, and everything she desires. Passion flares, bright and hot. But so do the complications of a past they can’t ignore. Leaning on one another, can they find family, forgiveness, and the “beauty of us?” 

  • Opposites Attract 
  • Fish out of Water 
  • Hero with facial differences 
  • Building New Family in an Unexpected place

Just As I Am

When the curtain fell her music career and her marriage, Daisy vowed never to get involved with a rockstar again. 

Being married to a lead singer is never easy—especially when he has an affair with your band-leader’s wife. So, Daisy ditched her ex and her drumsticks for a quieter life, finding her bliss, man-free, running a vintage vinyl record store in the tiny mountain town of Sirensong Falls. 

Everything seems perfect…until Izaak West, the former leader of her band, shows up on her doorstep in Sirensong. Now, she can’t stop thinking about her wounds of the past. Or, how Izaak, of all people, is looking at her…  

Izaak came to Sirensong to take care of his six-year-old niece while his sister is deployed. The 

last thing he expected to revisit here is his ex’s humiliating betrayal, or his enduring connection to Daisy. Now natural disasters and explosive new secrets have him seeing everything in a different way—his past, his failed career, and a hot-as-hell attraction to Daisy that may have been there all along. 

Daisy’s found her way in Sirensong, and now he’s beginning to think his future might be in a small-town life he’d never expected. Can they learn to find their groove out of the spotlight, and love each other “just as I am?” 

  • Fish out of water, big city hero  
  • Finding true love after divorce 
  • Rockstar romance hero and heroine  

The Last Valentine

Ten years ago, Aliyah’s dying best friend handed her a stack of letters, money, and a directive. “Please deliver a bouquet and a letter to my husband every year for Valentine’s Day.” All those years ago, her bestie could’ve never guessed that her widowed husband, Deacon, would be shutting out all Aliayah’s efforts to help. Or that Aliyah’s own husband would have abandoned their downtown Sirensong Florist shop and their marriage to chase a younger woman. 

It’s not exactly the best year to be delivering Deacon’s last Valentine. But after her attempt to deliver the bouquet at the restaurant where Deacon works, they end up arguing, trapped in the restaurant fridge, and revealing secrets from their past that change everything. 

Soon, they’re warming each other up, in every way possible. But will it be enough to thaw their grieving hearts, and find a new way forward—together? 

The Mountain Magic Christmas Series 

Wrecking Christmas

Stranding her family in the mountains wasn’t in Kathryn’s Christmas plans.

Neither was getting towed off a mountainside cliff by Hunter Holliday, the ruggedly sexy owner of the nearby hot rod shop. Now a freak blizzard’s trapped them in Christmas Pass—a quirky, sugar-frosted town that claims it’s “where Christmas wishes come true.” It’s not the mountain resort holiday she’d planned for her young son and grieving father. But maybe being snowed in with this intriguing man is what she’s wishing for, after all…

Hunter knows, Christmas Pass can’t be found on any map. Could this strange, uncharted place actually be enchanted? He’s starting to believe. Because the instant Hunter laid eyes on Kathryn, the lonely widower finds a sizzling attraction he can’t ignore, and a woman who needs him again. It feels like a gift… 

Yet, the town can’t magic away the past’s shocking secrets, or the guilt that comes from longing to move on. But the love they need so badly is there for the taking, if only they have the courage to wish….

*Wrecking Christmas is the winner of the HOLT Medallion for romance fiction.

  • Single Mom/Brooding Widower 
  • Stranded with a Mountain Man 
  • Classic Cars, Luxury Resorts 
  • Redemption & Love After Tragic Loss 
  • Brigadoon meets Fantasy Island  

The Christmas We Knew

What if fate allowed you a magical do-over?  

For an ex-con like Hopper, second chances are nothing but fairy tales. He turned the only woman he’d ever loved away the day he got himself locked up. Older and wiser now, he’s made himself a home in the West Virginia hills, and landed a job he loves working at Holliday Hot Rods. But Lila—the woman he’ll never forget? That’s one gift he won’t be getting back.

Until the day he makes a chance stop at a mysterious Christmas store in the mountains that sends him hurdling back through time, back before he made all his mistakes. And now he’s right back in the red-hot welcome of Lila’s arms. But secrets shatter what he knew of the past. Can he get out of this time loop, and find forgiveness and a future with the only woman he’s ever loved? 

  • Bad boy with a heart of gold 
  • Motorcycle rides through the West Virginia Hills 
  • Second Chance Romance 
  • Christmas Carol meets steamy, Hallmark-style Christmas Romance

Sweet Like Christmas

There’s nothing sweet about Lita Noe.

After a lifetime of dealing with losers and leavers, Lita’s jaded edge keeps most men at bay Except for Ross— her best friend since high school, and the guy who works by her side every day at Holliday Hot Rods. Tight as they are, Ross is way too allergic to commitment for Lita to ever consider him relationship material. Little does she know, there’s only one woman he’s ever been serious about…her.  

Then a brush with Christmas magic turns up the heat … When Ross and Lita help out a strange old lady who’s turned up at their favorite bakery, their regular Monday morning breakfast run takes a magical turn. Now Lita’s convinced the Christmas cookies that witchy woman “thanked” them with were hexed—like Snow White’s apple in reverse. Because men are following her around now, begging for dates, and Ross is magically blurting out his emotional truths every time he opens his mouth. And the heat they’re cooking up together? That’s way too sweet to resist. But when the spell is over, can Ross convince Lita he’s the one who’s loved her all this time? 

  • Pining, smokin’-hot, cinnamon-roll hero 
  • Friends-to-Lovers Romance 
  • Fun, funny family with lots of comic relief 

Haunted by You

Opposites attract can get spooky when you’re living in a haunted house…

Hard-as-nails Harper is only staying in Louisville long enough to finish her family’s latest work/live/play revitalization project—rehabbing a decrepit Victorian distillery into luxury downtown lofts. But when she ends up selling a haunted loft to a way-too-charming, bespeckled accountant, she’s finding more and more reasons to stay around…


Liza Jonathan is a writer of swoony, angsty small-town romances that don’t skimp on the steam. An award-winning author, her books are known for their plot twists, and the sort of quirky “real world” characters and quaint mountain settings that you’ll want to visit again and again. 


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