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The 2021 Nordstrom Anniversary sale is underway! If you read my NSALE 2021 post a few weeks back, this post wasn’t planned. Truthfully, I’d thought sharing logistics was going to be the last of covering the sale here this year. Reason stemmed from a desire to experience the shop, without the weight of prep and work. Again, don’t get me wrong – I love what I do. Providing you the tools to obtain and rock your own style is something I live for here on TSS. That all said tho – the plan has clearly changed.

I’ve shopped and in doing so, I’ve been reminded of my love/hate relationship I have with this sale. Yes, it provides shoppers an incredible opportunity to access Premium brands at a discount. Yes, it gives us a first look at all the newest trends next season will bring. But, not everyone is a Nordstrom cardholder. Public access hasn’t even begun and sadly – items are bound to go in and out of stock. Many of which already have. Despite my experience in shopping alone, I still encountered the let down. Many items on my wishlist went out of stock even before I had access to shop the lowest cardholder tier. I knew many of you would be in the same boat. And I knew from past years coverage, this type of post would provide some sort of resolve.

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale dupes post last year was a top favorite, and having asked ya’ll your interest in creating similar this year – I received an overwhelming YES. So, the deal finder in me went to work! My thought in putting this together is to initially provide you with a plan B, before you shop. Or at least give you some alternatives to think about now, should any of the items on your Nordstrom wishlist become unavailable.

For me, these types of posts help in the deciding factor come go time. Seeing similar options at lower price points not only gives me a plan B, it also helps me determine why it’s on wishlist in the first place. If it’s brand specific, I may sit hoping for a restock. If it’s style or trend focused, I’ve now options in place. Ones that are available now and could quite possibly deter my shop all together elsewhere.

Whether you’ve missed out on items from the Nordstrom sale, you’ve decided against shopping this year, or you love the trends but prices are not within budget, todays post will help!  Today, I am sharing the best of the best 2021 Nsale dupes! I’ve gathered tons of duplicates to items in the Nordstrom sale that have or are bound to go out of stock, or are offered similarly at a lower price point. You’ve choice to splurge (if available) or save! The majority of these dupes can be found on Amazon – a source we know convenient, year round, and affordable!

While the Nordstrom sale offers some amazing deals, they’re featured as the splurge price in today’s post. All items on top are Nordstrom items, while those below are the alternatives. I’ll note that several of the Nordstrom sale items are out of stock, tho I’ve still included a link for you to click on, in case it comes back in stock whilst in the duration of the sale. All save and splurge options are linked in the widget below each image. Happy shopping![show_shopthepost_widget id=”4524283″]

Denim is a hard one for me. Ya’ll know my love for name brand denim and that I am willing to spend a little more for quality. That said, the alternatives to some of the higher priced pairs are equally as good. I shared a tight comparison on the Spanx faux leather leggings in stories and in truth, have opted for the softer feel of the Colorfulkoala alternative!

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Of all these outerwear alternatives, in truth – I’d opt for the save! These finds are nearly identical, and half the price. I feel the Nordstrom prices reflect brand as well. If you aren’t too particular about name brand items, you’d score big with the alternatives. I’ll be honest and say the hooded leather jacket is a style I love, but finding a nearly identical option on Amazon for half the price, convinced me otherwise.

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While it’s good that Nordstrom features new brands during the NSALE, manufacturers and brands have gotten smart over the years. It used to be that Nordstrom was the only retailer that carried these specific brands, and now that’s simply not the case. So, the styles you’ll see from Free People, Zella and even Daydreamer – you’ll soon see available elsewhere.  And while it’s frustrating seeing a style go out of stock, a variety of brands carry these same styles on their individual sites (sometimes even cheaper).

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Here is where you’ll see next season’s trends come into play. The loud printed sweaters are becoming extremely popular (well – leopard print, in general, has been trending for a while). Opting for the more affordable option gives you opportunity to try out the trend before investing.

My thoughts on shopping sweaters – (ie. the oversized Free People sweater). Unless you are purchasing on sustainability (ie cashmere, wool), I’d opt the more affordable price. I often don’t purchase sweaters from the sale unless they’re higher in quality and on an extremely good discount. Also, don’t sweat it if sweaters go out of stock early; You can almost guarantee alternatives, in a variety of colors, elsewhere.

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I personally own the Target version of the Moonlight Pajamas and love them. Beyond comfortable and affordable! I’ve also the slippers and blanket dupes as well and find them both great options if staying within budget!

Hopefully this helps take the stress out of your 2021 Nordstrom Sale shop! If there is anything specific you’ve seen go out of stock that you had your heart set on, I’d love to help you find an alternative! Comment below or DM me on the gram! As always, thanks so much for stopping by!